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We have 7 years of experience in Flooring services.

Everyone has their favorite color, pattern, and flooring design they dream of having on their property, and only Escalante Tile can provide them. We manage a complete range of flooring colors, patterns, and designs that will give you the property of your dreams.


Trust Us

Serving our residents in Doraville, Georgia, and within a 90 miles radius with honesty, respect, and quality attention to give them the trust that we are their best option to create the most fantastic version of their residential and commercial property.

We Get You The Best Results

Our experienced and skilled team can help you choose the right floor according to your needs, budget, and the space you want to renovate, and when you have decided what kind of floor you want, start working on your property and give you excellent outcomes.

Discover the secret of perfect floors!

Ask our specialists for free! We’re here to help you find the ideal solution for your flooring needs – trust us to create the perfect space you’ve always dreamed of!